Firewood for Sale at Angel's Tree Service

It would seem like such a waste for us to haul away the trees we cut and we try to eliminate the waste we produce. We offer high quality firewood for your fireplace or burner so that you can get some heat in the colder months and put parts of your leftover landscape to good use.


We use a power log splitter to get the job done in no time. We will make sure to slice wood to the appropriate log length to fit your needs for storage and usage. We can help you determine how to properly store firewood if you have a good many you would like to keep on supply.


We also have the knowledge to determine what trees would make the best firewood. With so many species of trees out there, it is good to have someone who knows whether it is worth even paying to have wood splitting services done. Obviously, the goal is to have the logs last as long as possible without having to replace them. Good firewood will have 15-20 percent moisture content, to get the most efficiency while burning.

Call Angel's Tree Service today to let us come to cut your wood and clear up your yard, killing two birds with one stone. We can be your reliable and professional firewood supplier!


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